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Why learn to speak French abroad ?

While learning French at home could take years for you to pick up a few words and phrases, learning abroad will help you to learn French fast and learn it in away that you can actually use your new skills.

A French language school of high quality will help you to learn French most effectively.
Of course you will learn differently whether you are an adult or a teenager, this is why we offer language schools for adults as well as immersion camps for kids and teens.





Biarritz Hyeres /Toulon
Destinations for both Adults and Juniors in black
Destinations for Juniors only in blue

Our French schools, part of "French in France", are very likely the biggest in France, very well known for their quality of teaching and global services.

  Our schools are members of the most demanding quality charts.
  • Centre International d'Antibes : Eaquals , Souffle, CSN, Maison de la France
  • Accord école de langues school : Souffle, ELITE, Maison de la France
  • Atoll Juniors teens and kids camps : Souffle, Maison de la France
European Association for QUALity Language Services  
Bourses CSN
Maison de la France

 To study French in the country is :
  • The most natural way : you hear the language all the time from TV, from the radio and from people speaking. It is the way you have studied you own language.
  • It is the most exiting way : you have the opportunity to use what you study in real life situations, not in theory.
  • It is the most sophisticated way : you study, learn and understand the situations from the people and from your own experiences.

  To study French in France has also the following benefits :
  • Faster French language learning
  • Broader and more informed perspectives on France issues
  • Immersing yourself in the French culture and learning more about your French hosts and France, if you choose family immersion
  • Meeting many interesting and resourceful people.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us : Study French

 French in France...

French in France gathers 3 of the main French language schools to teach French abroad:

Learn French in Paris with Accord-Paris
French abroad with Centre International d’Antibes.
French for kids with Atoll Juniors.
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